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Rua Úrsula Paulino, 312 A, Bairro Betânia, Belo Horizonte-MG – Brasil – CEP:30570-000


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The Company

METALCOCO INDÚSTRIA E COMÉRCIO was created in 1997, headquartered at Rua Úrsula Paulino, 312 A, Betânia, Belo Horizonte – MG.

The Company entered the market as a pioneer in the manufacture of coconut openers, under the patent for home and professional use. It is a mature and reliable company, working with excellent raw material, which is why it is proud, as it offers the public a product of quality and efficiency in what it proposes. Proof of this is the great acceptance of the practical and useful invention in commerce throughout Brazil and abroad.

Market Vision and Opportunity

Long ago, the healthy habit of drinking coconut water was almost restricted to those people who went on vacation along our coast. There were no green coconuts in commerce. Yes, we saw dried coconuts used for other purposes by the population.


              Today, this trade is being widespread. You can see green coconut trade through public roads, supermarkets, fairs or the plazas. Anyway, the fact is that, knowing the nutrients, efficacy and therapeutic purposes of coconut water, the so-called “Geração Saúde”, the adepts of the body and mind in shape, sportsmen and in general the lovers of this refreshing and healthy drink , definitely incorporated their consumption into their day-to-day lives.

However, extracting water from the coconut was still a problem. Sharp, pointed, dangerous, laborious and unhygienic objects were used. We then look for a solution.


Offer innovative, quality products, in order to facilitate work and bring security to the general public on a daily basis, making these products available with fast and reliable delivery.



Quality, Good service, Cordiality, Honesty, Transparency



To be an innovative company in the market, creating quality products that make it possible to bring simple solutions and improve the daily life of the general public.

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